Data, redefined.

We're on a mission to supply the very best
data, add value to existing data, and
deliver customer insight that drives
performance and growth.


Forget what you’ve you been told about data — because data is only ever data,
unless it’s high quality, accurate and brought to life in the right way.

At Lloyd James Data Consultancy, we’re here
to redefine data and its potential. We begin
by taking your customer data and analysing
it — mapping it across our RESIDENT product
to profile it, model it and create your target
audience. We will provide you with an
accurate market profile and details of where,
why and how to engage with your new &
existing customers.

By putting people first, we’re able to make
data work harder for you, and unlock its true
power to deliver tangible business outcomes.
As more than just a data provider, but also
more than just a media company, we’re able
to deliver a full-service data consultancy that’s
tailored precisely to your objectives.

You can be braver as a business
with the reassurance of insight.

people first.

Tell someone what they want, and chances are
they'll ignore you. Ask someone what they want,
and the odds are they'll tell you. Companies
operating a product and service-focused
approach constantly tell their prospects about
products and services. Whereas customer-focused
businesses position their products and services as
precise responses to customer needs.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

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Setting the
record straight.

Have you been told that data is the key to better
business outcomes? Or that data management is a
complicated and laborious undertaking? Whatever
your perception of data is...

We're here to build on what you do know and
expand on what you don’t.

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Don’t just take it from us, here’s what our clients have to say…

High quality data is important. Their product and the insight it brings is invaluable. Combine this with the quality of their people and their approach and that’s where it starts to become a true enabler for our business.

They have an in-depth understanding of our business objectives, they ask the right questions and make valid recommendations that I trust. It all results in business growth for us. They refer to themselves as a data consultancy but for us, they’re an acquisition and growth provider”


We’re more than just data,

we’re driven by you.

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