Digital Acquisition

Programmatic display advertising is one of the fastest growing digital media and until now this discipline has been the reserve of the UK’s largest brands. The cost of entry is coming down and it is now within the reach of everyone, albeit it remains a complex and rapidly evolving channel. At Lloyd James Media we have established a platform agnostic approach providing solutions that meet your requirements based on your specific objectives and a best fit approach, whilst helping you make sense of the jargon. We combine traditional direct marketing principles to the planning and management of your campaign ensuring a rigour that is lacking in some black box solutions. Using our approach of Precise Audience Identification (PAI), we ensure that the brands we work with benefit from the development of an active customer model based on our Resident Insight Tool (RIT). This enables online audiences to be closely defined and identified via their exact characteristics from the outset when indexed against your existing customer base. Lookalike Audiences are then built and identified via cookie-synching technology. We use constant recalibration of the audience to speed up machine learning and deliver the outstanding results that the channel is known for. What is more, we provide access to this channel at a fraction of the cost of the large media companies ensuring you buy more media and conversion for your money.

Using the learnings from our Resident Insight Tool, we can also apply the findings to specific campaign strategies using 3rd party data to further enhance the reach of your campaign. Other contextual, browsing based strategies can also be run alongside this inclusive of custom domain whitelists that are built around your campaign specifically based on your campaign goals.

Social Media spend continues to grow energetically year on year. We can identify audiences based on our Resident Insight Tool delivering highly potent segments at individual level to maximise your reach through truly integrated multi-channel activity on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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Our team access data from the entire market ensuring we can meet any B2C or B2B brief.


Offering a single view of the UK covering 96% of all UK households and 52m individuals.


Reach new customers at home via some of the UK’s leading consumer brands.


Ensuring that your 1st Party Data is clean and productive is essential to every organisation.


We work with agency partners and clients across a broad range of industry sectors.

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