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data, optimise customer acquisition and retention, and

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Acquisition modelling
increases sales by 29%




It’s often the case that models used to determine a
brands/products target audience can tire and targetable
volumes diminish. The need for regularly profiling and
performance analysis is necessary along with a modelling
dataset that is sizable and accurate in breadth and
depth. Frequently we are approached with this problem…
How can we improve our Direct Mail or Email channel


Using our Resident UK consumer single view of 51m adults
and 400+ variables we can model existing customer data
to create a flexible model of opportunity which can be
dialled up or down to specific response, conversion, CPS
or yr1/yr2 value targets.


By increasing prospect opportunity and removing weaker
performing data falling below target, sales volumes
increased by 29% within target CPS levels.

Growth planning increases sales
by 86% at a 26% lower CPS


General insurance


Due to a change in business requirement our clients objective
shifted to driving growth aiming for a 25% sales increase over a
3mth period within a budgeted 10% CPS increase against target.


We utilised our existing performance model exhausting all
contactable individuals within a maximum CPS range, tracked
against proven response and conversion rates. Whilst introducing
new data types for controlled testing and a contact strategy to
optimise return. A detailed forecast was provided outlining
opportunity levels against scaled degrees of risk.


The plan exceeded all expectations with the new tests and contact
optimisation driving a significant uplift. Average unique monthly
contacts increased by 53%, the volume of sales increased by 86%
and overall CPS reduced by 26%.

Geographical performance mapping
increases conversion by 47%




Pricing and competitiveness has a significant impact on overall
conversion within the utilities sector. However, frequently geographical
optimisation is not utilised. The challenge for this client was ‘how can
we increase performance of our outbound marketing’ and whilst we
identified several solutions a simple re-prioritisation of effort had an
immediate impact.


Through detailed geographical analysis we identified that 24% of our
client’s geographical areas yielded a 58% higher sale rate. Yet in some
of these highest converting postcodes, where brand awareness and
price competitiveness was strong less than 1% of households were
being engaged. Using our prioritisation scoring methodology and
Resident for optimum channel permissions we were able prioritise all
postcodes into a performance ranking and increase prospect
opportunity in top ranking postcodes.


47% higher contact to sale ratio and increased engagement within
outbound call teams due to higher return rates.

Occupancy scoring reduces
suppression costs by 31%




Many retailers suffer with a back book of Lapsed customers which
dependent on the period of lapse can have a high volume of
Goneaways and sadly Deceased individuals. We believe that it is
really important to ensure data is clean and as accurate as
possible but this unfortunately can come at significant cost to the
retailer and in many cases can outweigh the opportunity value of
re-engagement activity.


Using our Occupancy scoring which sits across our UK single view
of 51m individuals we segment customer data based on the
likelihood of an individual to have moved home. This reduces the
potential for high mailing wastage or suppression costs by filtering
out those individuals who are likely to have moved prior to running
industry suppressions.


Re-engagement activity focused on the top 5 segments of Lapsed
opportunity. Suppression costs reduced by 31% and higher scoring
segments were diverted to Email and Social activity through our
Resident marketing permissions

Data, redefined.

Data is only ever data, unless it’s high quality, accurate and
brought to life in the right way. We work closely with our
customers to deliver meaningful insight that drives
performance and growth — with a service that’s tailored to
each and every business.

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Unlock the power of data.

With our market-leading data service, Resident, we’re able to
provide you with a single view of the UK covering 96% of all
households and 52 million individuals. But it’s not the volume
of our data that’s impressive — it’s the accuracy and quality
that sets it apart.

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High quality data is important. Their product and the insight it brings is invaluable. Combine this with the quality of their people and their approach and that’s where it starts to become a true enabler for our business.

They have an in-depth understanding of our business objectives, they ask the right questions and make valid recommendations that I trust. It all results in business growth for us.

They refer to themselves as a data consultancy but for us, they’re an acquisition and growth provider”


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